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Welcome To The OP SUPER HERO HELMET Join this ultra-exclusive NFT project by SmodNFT! WHAT IS SuperHero Helmet? SuperHero Helmet is a collection of 1111 unique well-designed 1/1 NFTs on Optimism Blockchain Each SuperHero Helmet is unique and exclusive based on different traits. The objective is to build the strongest community and project around NFTs. Entering into the SuperHero Helmet Community means joining a family full of investors and nft enthusiasts who believe in the future of Cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology.

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The Roadmap


Launch Roadmap

To us, the community comes first. The main goal is to make sure your investment and our mint are as successful as possible, to achieve all of our goals. We will also constantly work to release the best value and quality possible. We will announce our drop release date once we are satisfied with the project’s quality and technical parts.


Novembre 2022

Minting Collection by whitelisting and minting via Quix Launchpad, growing Twitter and Discord community!


Mint the remaining NFTs on OpenSea/Quix


Launch SuperVilain NFT Collection

You'll need a total of 5 SuperHero Helmet to get their NEMESIS - SuperVilain Helmet NFT


Launch of our Merch

We will release our first merch collection of SuperHero Helmet that will be available only for the holder.

The Team

Anthony / Blockchain


SMOD / Designer


Mike / Marketer



SMOD is a famous European designer living in Belgium. He began working on NFT in 2019. He first works on th GoChain with Zeromint to keep « green » his work. Now he started working with Opensea on Polygon Network. Check his different Collection of Artworks

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